Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhe Se

There is always one song in everyone’s life which gives you jitters as well as peace whenever music and words hit ears. One such song , movie, actors , direction and music has always given me feeling of 7th heaven . The song was sung by great legendary singer hemlata ji and every single word of song mesmerises me. I have not understood till date whenever I listen this song , I keeping on repeating it till the point my emotions are off from the song. Though its hard to keep myself off but everything reaches to its saturation.

The most resembling part is this movie was launched near to my birth year . It’s surely a coincidence. And if you watch acting of sachin and ranjeeta they have made it so meticulous and remembering movie of all time.

Based on Eric Sthal Novel this movie has been really carved well. When remake of this movie also came the feeling was same ans watching sachin & ranjeeta gave goosebumps.

Music by ravindra jain has always been very melodious and it touches the heart reason being words and music culmination is always crafted well.

And when you listen this song it talks of life so simply that everyone fall back into memory lane and one start remembering the crushes or failed or passed love story.

These days music director have completely corrupted the music industry and it’s melody. Voice modulations and recording has so modernised that it has lost its glare.

Infact these days except SRK romantic movies are more fleshy. The real essence of love is missing in most movies. Filmmakers have become businessmen rather than producing real entertainment. If one watches this movies , it tells about purity and commitment in love.

There is lot can be written about hemlata ji’s singing talent which was subsidised by great female singers. Her voice and vocal training tells that voice is god gifted , it loses lustre when more crafting is done.

Listening to old songs still giving you feeling that running around trees while song is going is not dream ,it’s a romance which can be seen the everyone’s honeymoon album.

Sitting at Tianjin airport and listening the song didn’t let me felt how the time got passed away.