Sikkim in midst of April

I boarded flight from delhi to bagdogra in end of April . Left early morning 8 am for delhi airport to be on well in time as usual. After usual check in at airport and breakfast stuff completed , waited for flight announcement for boarding. When boarding got completed , my old memory to first ever flight to Bagdogra passed through my eyes. As soon as flight took off there was no sign of bad weather but seemed pilot took off the craft very early from the runway and gave initial jitters of turbulence. Sometime later everything gone smoother and I geared on headphones to listen retro bollywood music .

Having flight food and coffee etc done soon pilot announced we are going to land in bagdogra and I turned my eyes towards window pane suddenly I saw that craft is again found itself in clouds. From there I imagined I came from weather of 37c to 23c and certainly clouds are going to hover around. But landing was safe .

Soon I came out of the craft , the airport was full with young couples came for honeymoon and lot of families came for I guess on LTC or year break out to relax a bit from tiring city life. But it was not the case for me . Well, az usual my journey was till Gangtok so stood in line of prepaid taxi to hire cab.

As it was hot outside so immediately wore my number sunglasses so that I can have both vision and save eyes from sunlight. Cab booking got done and I moved towards taxi stand along with my office colleague and driver. Outside climate was like delhi only and it took time for cab to get cool down.

In few moments cab driver took the pace and I was recollecting my memories passing through army cantonment area when I travelled first time from siliguri to Gangtok. Till siliguri , it look to me same as old except few development credit goes to communist government . After passing through cantonment area , hilly roads started off , lush green views and while we reached near kalimpong diversion it started raining. And till we reached Gangtok it was almost 7.30 pm in the night except fruits what we ate in this short journey , stomach was asking to get in fill with real food. But most mesmerising part was the rainy weather must be good for love birds to roam around and get cosy. Seems paisa vasool visit for them because tea gardens and organic state in rainy season look really beautiful.

We checked in hotel , feel damn tired just simply ordered food had it and I tuned on to the IPL match . After seeing CSK winning the game it was even big respite.

I slept early to make myself ready for the next day as I came for business trip not the leisure trip and another long day in traveling along with customer visit was on the cards.

Will continue the next day update in my next blog update on sikkim. Till then signing off with few clicks from my mobile