Kal Ho Na Ho {Time Will Not Come Back Again}– Memories Only I Have

Life will not turn back again so I thought this time to live back life with my younger/childhood and with people who I know for long and to take their blessings.

Started my life visiting Shiva Temple in Virbhadra , then gone to my school KV IDPL Rishikesh where life from class 2nd till 10th Standard was progressed. Then visited the first home A-2595 where I recall my childhood friends and cricket playground. Still recall when my father scooter I see from a distant whole playing cricket I use to run 100 metres to reach back to my room and immediately use to grab book in my hands as if I was studying from last few hours. Recalled Vishal and Sanjeev Saxena , Saxena Uncle & Aunty, Pawan, Mannu , Reshu, Tannu.

That time every festival was joy before we shifted to C-85 by that time adolescent touched with competition to grow in life although I never compared and lived the life the way I wanted to happen.

My car roamed around all those lanes and finally today I met my schoolmate Ashu and Uncle/Aunty. Mona I missed you Sis. Meeting Ashu Parents was like meeting family . Went to Roof Top . Ashu’s daughter put water through water gun over me and that gave me feeling how we use to play holi when thay area was alive. Remember Sharma aunty , Sujata And Sangeeta Didi, Mamta Meher Uncle , Aunty. Pavitra Pragya , Kalara Uncle /Aunty. Everything was flashing like it’s only this year there is noone but next year everyone will be back and IDPL will be floroushing again.

Missed my all friends Raju, Abhishek, Rahul and many more . The walk from C-85 to Famous Ram Mandir and then to Lovely Store , finally resting down to bustand to chatting with friends about latest affairs gossip and competition exams. I guess these were the two topics when I was in 10+2 . Can’t miss visiting Raju’s home being blessed to walk inside his home freely but rest friends were scared of his father . Dhyanchand Uncle famously called DC Uncle by Rahul

Can’t miss my first tutor Ashok amd Manoj Bhaiya from where the journey about medical entrance exams started and that relation & respect is still persistent.

Finally , met papa’s one of best buddy and another family Grover Uncle & Aunty. It was surprise for aunty as she was not able to recognize me until she heard my voice. Paying visit to their home felt like I am visiting and cherishing old discussions again. I saw smile on their faces which was sort of relief and joy because any festival for parents without kids is dry.

Went through almost all lanes of IDPL with a feeling who knows when next it will be because life is full of uncertainities. And nothing more gives satisfaction meeting or seeing out places/people’s with whole childhood and adolescent grew.

After 10 long years someone put colors on me didn’t give satiated feeling but meeting all above known places and people gave me yes there was a time I lived important portion of my life with them.

I may not have played holi the way I use to play but meeting all those people and visiting places where my roots belong to has given me satisfactory feeling.

All those years passed are flashing back one by one as if I can write whole book on memories lived in IDPL.

One thing last we live life in grief and noone knows what life has store for one. Whosoever you meet in life meet with smile who knows your smile can make difference in their life. Someone told me that unless one is not happy oneself , he or she can’t make other’s happy.

One of the famous lines of Jagjit Singh/Abdul Hamid coming through my mind

” हस के बोला करो , बुलाया करो

आपका घर है आया जाया करो”

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