Immortal Love – A Short Love Story

Reshma a teenage girl walking into her adolescent mets a guy Amrit who was working as a manager in a MNC and was living two houses next to Reshama’s home. Both were single daughter and son of their respective parents. Their story began while their parents met with each other in common society function and happened to know that Amrit was going daily to same area for work where Reshama’s college was and with moment of chance Amrits’s father offered to Reshama’s parent looking into situation in NCR about women incidents that Amrit can drop and pick Reshama as and when required. Her father nodded yes without any hesitation. When both Reshma and Amrit heard about it , they had very different reaction to their parents decision but as it was decided by them so both took it as their parents orders. Except having few society meetings they never had chances to meet each other.

The first day when Amrit was waiting for Reshma , he was little nervous because he never got into such situation ever and their was equal uncomfortableness from Reshama’s end as well. Days passed by and the incidents of dropping and pick ups continued. Then happened to be chances when both of them halted for coffee breaks on their mid ways once or twice a week. And eventually they became known to each other and talks become causal to personal. Parents of both were in their own busy life and with this both families became closer to each other.

After 4-5 years later and One odd day , Reshama’s father asked during his morning walks with Amrit’s father that he is looking for a groom for his daughter so if finds a suitable boy , he can let him know. And contrary both Reshma and Amrit became so close to each other that it was ritual for them to have long talks while rides back to home. Still they both were unknown whether there was any love feeling blossoming in their hearts.

And one sudden day , Reshama’s father told her that they have selected a boy named Aadil for her and he is coming to see her in few days from England and now since she has given her final exams so it’s better she can stop going to college. At that moment there was nothing gone into her mind that her everyday pick up and stops are finally going to end up but the next day when Amrit was waiting for her , she came and told her the story. At that very moment Amrit felt a little different because someway or other it had became routine for him and all of sudden life has put a break on it.

Days passed away , Aadil came and went back to England . Both families agreed to relationship and decided marriage two months later.

In the meanwhile both Reshama and Amrit started missing their presence but none of them were still realising their inner feelings. Just few days before Amrit asked Reshma to have day out with him to relive the time they both spent together. And without thinking anything else she also got ready and that day when they were suppose to go out , Amrit started feeling there is something he is gone a miss after Reshama leaves forever to England. That turns his mind to feel why he is thinking all this at this moment of time and if he shares this feeling with Reshama he will lose talks with her and it may cause furore in her life.

As it’s said destiny has its own ways to turn the games of life. Amrit thought he will not share his feelings but will try to make the day memorable so that it’s a happy day for both of them.

Both visited different places , shopped for whole day but by the end of the day Amrit being a sikh asked Reshama will she mind if he visits Gurudwara for prayers and Reshama although a Muslim said she will come along with him as God is one. As it’s a ritual when you enter gurudwara , a girl has cover her head with scalf and with Amrit it was not a problem as he was wearing the turban already. And the very moment , he sees Reshama dressed up like that he thinks within himself if while making prayers god gives him the way to tell her feelings which he realised last day only he will tell it down to her. And when he prays his soul guides him to tell his feelings to her and the moment after prayers he shares that with Reshama , she didn’t felt aback but was in a situation what to say to Amrit for some reasons one majorly the religion and other her marriage was near around in few days. They both left and unlike any other love couples with dishearted feelings they had something different because Amrit got releived by telling her his feelings and she was in a indecisive state. That night Reshama didn’t slept and Amrit was also turning the sides. By the time sun rose Reshama felt she knows Amrit and getting married to a person is better than marrying a person whom she hardly knows. But as commonly happens in Indian society she gulped her feelings and went away to England with Aadil . In all these incidents , Amrit went into a completely state of mind that if he got true feelings during the prayers then destiny will turn up one day and made up his mind that he will not marry and if his love is true then miracle will happen that he will have life with Reshama. And while Reshama’s marriage was around he even expressed this feeling to her that she is the only girl he will like to marry and wait till god makes the miracle. So without any expectations from Reshama he began his journey which in true sense is impractical but noone knows destiny turns in which way.

Here Amrit’s parents were putting pressure on him to get settle in life but noone was aware what struck to him to get onto this decision. And there Reshama was happily settled with Aadil but somewhere she had one little thought in mind what has made one person to sacrifice his life for her Was it a obsession or they time both spent together made common thing which happened at uncommon time.

Years passed away Reshama was in her 50’s and Amrit was somewhere at age of 55. And unfortunate incident happened in one wrong understanding by police , Aadil gets hit by police firing. To cover up the story , police makes the false allegations on Aadil’s death and Reshama was deported back to India with her son and daughter. As soon as news flashed , Amrit came to know about it. And he was in state of despair equally because life will take this turn he never thought off.

When he met Reshama he was not in condition to offer even shoulder to her because he didn’t wanted to give anyone any kind of hint what feelings he was keeping for Reshama so just saying pacifying words he left from her home.

Sometime later , Police confirmed it was an accident and all charges were taken off . But till this time Reshama suffered a lot emotionally and was only living for her son & daughter. But society was trying to make different stories which is very usual and listening to rumors one day Amrit went to see Reshama and offered her to remarry but seeing the situation Reshama said her only objective is to live for her children. And soon she stopped talking to Amrit and moved back to England.

Amrit took as another destiny chances started living but now his situation from normal living became passing the life. And he also didn’t contacted Reshama back . After sometime when both son and daughter of Reshama got marriage was decided she called Amrit to attend and on the day of marriage , she said to both her children that she hided onething from them and their father that she was responsible to give reply to one decent proposal she got from her friend and due to uncommon circumstances she kept it unanswered and since the person never married again and lived his life without any expectations from her , she want to give him due credit back. So , whether they will allow her to go back to the person who loved her immensely and their relationship is immaculate.

In common situation everyone would have reverted negatively but seeing their mother’s despair and wait for Amrit they happily accepted it and both Amrit & Reshama got married one day before children’s marriage so that both of them can offer their blessings to children . Although, Amrit respected not to take place of their father but he promised to take care of their mother as he thought of in past.

Kal Ho Na Ho {Time Will Not Come Back Again}– Memories Only I Have

Life will not turn back again so I thought this time to live back life with my younger/childhood and with people who I know for long and to take their blessings.

Started my life visiting Shiva Temple in Virbhadra , then gone to my school KV IDPL Rishikesh where life from class 2nd till 10th Standard was progressed. Then visited the first home A-2595 where I recall my childhood friends and cricket playground. Still recall when my father scooter I see from a distant whole playing cricket I use to run 100 metres to reach back to my room and immediately use to grab book in my hands as if I was studying from last few hours. Recalled Vishal and Sanjeev Saxena , Saxena Uncle & Aunty, Pawan, Mannu , Reshu, Tannu.

That time every festival was joy before we shifted to C-85 by that time adolescent touched with competition to grow in life although I never compared and lived the life the way I wanted to happen.

My car roamed around all those lanes and finally today I met my schoolmate Ashu and Uncle/Aunty. Mona I missed you Sis. Meeting Ashu Parents was like meeting family . Went to Roof Top . Ashu’s daughter put water through water gun over me and that gave me feeling how we use to play holi when thay area was alive. Remember Sharma aunty , Sujata And Sangeeta Didi, Mamta Meher Uncle , Aunty. Pavitra Pragya , Kalara Uncle /Aunty. Everything was flashing like it’s only this year there is noone but next year everyone will be back and IDPL will be floroushing again.

Missed my all friends Raju, Abhishek, Rahul and many more . The walk from C-85 to Famous Ram Mandir and then to Lovely Store , finally resting down to bustand to chatting with friends about latest affairs gossip and competition exams. I guess these were the two topics when I was in 10+2 . Can’t miss visiting Raju’s home being blessed to walk inside his home freely but rest friends were scared of his father . Dhyanchand Uncle famously called DC Uncle by Rahul

Can’t miss my first tutor Ashok amd Manoj Bhaiya from where the journey about medical entrance exams started and that relation & respect is still persistent.

Finally , met papa’s one of best buddy and another family Grover Uncle & Aunty. It was surprise for aunty as she was not able to recognize me until she heard my voice. Paying visit to their home felt like I am visiting and cherishing old discussions again. I saw smile on their faces which was sort of relief and joy because any festival for parents without kids is dry.

Went through almost all lanes of IDPL with a feeling who knows when next it will be because life is full of uncertainities. And nothing more gives satisfaction meeting or seeing out places/people’s with whole childhood and adolescent grew.

After 10 long years someone put colors on me didn’t give satiated feeling but meeting all above known places and people gave me yes there was a time I lived important portion of my life with them.

I may not have played holi the way I use to play but meeting all those people and visiting places where my roots belong to has given me satisfactory feeling.

All those years passed are flashing back one by one as if I can write whole book on memories lived in IDPL.

One thing last we live life in grief and noone knows what life has store for one. Whosoever you meet in life meet with smile who knows your smile can make difference in their life. Someone told me that unless one is not happy oneself , he or she can’t make other’s happy.

One of the famous lines of Jagjit Singh/Abdul Hamid coming through my mind

” हस के बोला करो , बुलाया करो

आपका घर है आया जाया करो”