In my heart

When world was shovering their wishes yesterday, I still missed one card and one gift which Always use to get from him. Mom use to get his hands somehow to write on the Birthday card. His charming and glowing face like a True Yogi in his life and blessing me on my forehead, all those little times I spent with you till you left this world gives me always a feeling why people remembered when they are gone to that world from where return is not ever seen.

Everyone loses someone near or dear now or then in their life and life continues but there are certain relationship no matter whether life moves or not their presence is recalled and absence is heart dropping.

You were the living god for me and somewhere I am blessed wherever I am today and the hole you have left in my heart is never gonna fill. And no matter whether I reach to any summit or go down in life after yesterday , one thing which will not change will be the compassion I learnt from you. It’s difficult for many others who known you how but their is conscience or subconscious mind which connects one person to other.

I see less brotherhood among people around me but even if you would have been alive and normal like any other human being my feelings and love would have been the same.

Although, I have started seeing you in someone close to me once you left and what I wanted to do for you , I want to do for him and be his side in all his successes and failure but as it’s said souls are different and yours is the purest I seen with no dirt in it.

If there is another birth somewhere written and said Strongest Wishes Get Fulfilled what’s left this time , I will love to do again as your elder brother again. And My Wishes never go unreturn.

You were , are and going to be same for me. One of the Jewel I always miss. Voice “aa bhai” still sounds in my ears. After every travel , I imagine your presence in home.

Thinking of you makes eyes wet which means you are still alive and with us.

…….. Yogi in My Life

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