Fear Of Losing

Fear can be of any type may it be losing a peron or a possession. We come across these situations during any moment of life. Theoretical explanation or justification might say that it’s process of life but dimensions in practical life vary from person to person but in the end Life never stops it goes on. One might remain in shell of negativity or overcome the situation but in real life one has to bear it and move on.

Everyday around a person their are many incidents such that but time never say one to be happy or unhappy in a given situation.

Bhagvad Gita even says one has to continue doing or has to come in day to day work life. Attachment or denouncement is human or animals inherent emotions one cannot run away and what keeps along with the person is memories or words sometimes it gives laugh and on other time it gives sadness.

To understand dogma of life cycle sometimes give jitters when one gets surrounds with all things happening on negative side but in the end overcoming from that pressure lies in hand of individual itself.

There may be many books or write ups on how to overcome sadness after losing but in the end individual response to the situation only makes to get over it.

There is no set rules on this how to behave or react in situation when something is lost but it’s the days after day one realizes humans or animals does not have answer to it or control on it.

We may defer the happiness by ourselves but cycle of life have all colors .

Life toughest task is to be happy in difficult conditions because process of gaining or losing will go on. What matters the most is WORDS they keep one alive no matter in memories or real situations.

Real essence of life is to grab the moment as it comes , living or going away from it is individual response.

One day each person has to face the challenge of losing someone ,this is uncontrollable so make most of it the way one wants to be rather than living in past guilts or grievances. Because in the end it’s the chances we didn’t take will matter in the life.

It’s not a new topic as it’s discussed or in discussion by many people but only thing which can make one at ease is Gratitude as this will only help ones innerself at peace