India Needs Indians

Just watched 1st Episode TED Talk and again thoughts about doing or giving back something to our own country bubbled again. Being a travelled to so many countries in the world and after comparing my own country we often disregard our country in all respects whether it’s culture, society , development and education but we never realise one thing when we do comparison what’s the standing out difference between developed and developing countries people and that difference is in developed countries people have thought to do or give back to their country or if they can’t do anything atleast they don’t devalue their country infront of other countries. 

It’s not the government in all countries do everything but it’s the people of that country which do but in our case we only realise this when either we get homesick or would earned enough money for living we think of coming back to our country . 

Have we ever asked why people in developing countries specially move towards western world the only answer is to earn money and have living comfort but we never realise why can’t we get that comfort in our country because we don’t want to change our attitude to grow the country in all levels and only reason for this is we are have become selfish and scared of question ” Log Kya Kahenge” . 

We hardly look into this if we all will move towards western world our own country will become as it is and we will keep on cribbing like what we do right now. 

When I see China and India both are developing and the only difference I see people over there is Innovation and Want to improve the country by atleast following the laws. Laws has been enforced in our country as well but as a citizen we feel proud in breaking them and another major reason we only want to educate ourselves to earn more and have comfortable life. We actually don’t know what’s the real pursuit of education. 

We work in restaurants outside India and feel proud doing the same job but when similar job we do here, we think it as sin or only poor people are meant to do such job. In other words we don’t value work. With money chipping in our life Arrogance towards weaker is common thought in almost every single individual.
Like this there could be many such negative things around us and solution is not go and see the world by our money , but make our own country which indeed is rich in resources to be something so that people of other country don’t come to see poor india but real India.
I am not preacher but yes social thinking has evolved inside me that noone else is responsible except us making our country still with feud and Orthodox mentality . We have learnt to buy expensive things to show flamboyance but inside our mind we are still primitive or I can say backward.