Life A Travel

It’s not new that life is certainly a travel and it only ends with the last breath but human only realises life’s importance when he or she loses himself # herself OR loses the one that’s most dearest to him#her. The latter or Former has deep meaning in everyone’s life it’s human’s computerised brain what data to process at what time and how it displays either by dream or recalling the memories. 

Impressions on Brain’s hard-disk are in hands of the person to delete or keep. Life doesn’t stop. The interwoven brain does not delete data it recalls the data by  making a person alive or dead. So what draws the travel of life a person engaged . Yes materialistic gains or materialistic expectations but they get delusion with time because when a person loses self it’s not possible to engage with materialistic things. Other most important factor keeps engaged ebony or hatred for someone which never goes easy  but one day goes away and only gets recalls when a person is in tough state. 

So what a person is living for its very simple but difficult to get is LOVE . From childhood onto the dying bed this is the only thing which keeps one engaged with oneself and others. The pursuit of this travel is by materialistic or emotional or physical way what we want to attain in life is LOVE. 

Love and Life make this travel or journey joyful or mediocre way of living. When during the end person expect to live more there is no materialistic thing which engages it is LOVE which he or she was not able to shower and things which needed to be corrected in the travel of life

Human body is interesting machine which has fluid to flow get to feel and algorithm in mind to combat with any situation. 

Whether LOVE or HATE or DEPRESSION or any thing human brain can process without help of second person is failure. You need other person with whom all these feelings are associated no matter living or dead. 

Last thing is practising COMPASSION which is supreme of anything even above than LOVE and simplest or difficult or different to achieve because for someone who kaisa off every possession it becomes simplest feeling to achieve but for the one whom this Compassion is associated with a minimal expectations which is genuine natural instinct of human it becomes different or difficult.
So what’s the travel of life we have options with us and How we take up choices are in our hands. Yes for sure it’s pure personal reason how one wants this travel of life.