Healing Guilt, Shame and Regret


Read a beautiful note on the mentioned subject. It’s more often in closed minded society where the definition of Guilt, Shame, Anger and Regret is taken in worst meaning of them. 

Is human perfect in doing everything really not we are driven by emotions which can vary time to time. Had everything done correctly without any mistakes by humans things would have been simple. Who is decider of your life , you by yourself or almighty god or few people around you who will talk because they do not have any purpose in life other than to talk about.

Feel the guilt if you physically abuse someone or taken life of someone . Are mental guilts above than one’s life. 
Guilts are surely retrospective of what you do with someone but often brought in life as barrier to live rather to challenge oneself to stand up. Are people around you social guard to check how to live or not . 

Guilts are not trauma to happiness infact it shows the purity of heart bcoz a pure heart will only feel the guilt but infact it’s certainly moved in that direction which makes a person living without purpose because we feel answerable to feud mentality society around us or so called fake culture. 
Life is god gifted and it must be loved and one should know how to love oneself no matter what the condition is because time and destiny are unseen terms and noone is unaware what’s gone happen next moment. So live the moment who knows is there any 3rd world after death. Pass the compassion and live with least expectations .

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