Har ki Paidi Haridwar

It’s a place of multiple events for some it is place to take holy dip on festive occasions and for others they take dip after doings rights for their lost ones. 

Today on the day of Bhai Dujj festival least expected though it was huge rush. It came to my mind two days back that it has been long I have not taken holy dip in river ganga. We all left around 10.30 am from rishikesh for haridwar someone will surely ask I could have gone to take bath in river Ganges at rishikesh why haridwar but sometimes one becomes pure Orthodox and take those steps which commonly done by people.

In short after taking dip it gave a religious feeling as if some heaviness went through mind or it was needed to do something reverse. Chants of har har gange by every person taking the dip was making worthiness of the place that why people come from various parts of country and world to see haridwar and city all around.

Unplanned in a one way but worth having dip in holy ganga today feeling relaxed and blessed. One remembered my late brother as I did his rights after death here only. 
There is some invisible power in the Ganges water that one really feel that he has come not to take bath but to express realy emotional feelings for the people one has lost in pursue this life. Nowhere you get this feeling except at this place although Ganges flow at different cities and places.
After very long time almost after 9 years it was feeling which came to.mind in 1 day and got fulfilled.
One must atleast come in year for tranquility of mind and maligness in the hearts to take dip in holy river which is truly divine