Three Musketeers with Gentleman

Day headed to meet few friends once again. Rupak, sharad, anoop and I . It was long time after I saw rupak and so as Rupak & Sharad. We made one close friend today Anoop. And the moment we sat all 10 yrs back talks were around . Anoop was listener today as it was his first get together with us but such a patient guy who listened to our sense and non sense talk and I am sure now more people will join in future. I was relishing the same young hemant who use to be sales oerson. We had rounds of beers and more than beer it was the talks which was on top . Taste of china place were sharad and rupak use to gather for customer meetings and even the waiter who 10 yrs before was a service guy now became captain. 
After dinner we went for paan and it was first time for me to see night life of CP and fire paan my first instance made me feel yes life in delhi is something else which I never had impression. Thanks to sharad , rupak and anoop to make it happen.
Life beyond business and competition is different where we shared experiences rather that business. 

Words are getting short as I am trying to recollect every single nuance but still we missed many people and main part is though they were absent we still remembered. Despite each one of had priorities but the time we enjoyed today we can only mesmerise and lock into memories.

Who knows where we will be in future but the time we captured today was awesome. And for me specially meeting every friend is giving me nostalgia and making me to live life out of business life once again.

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