Dreams Do Come True

When romantic thoughts comes to anyone’s mind person thinks of moving around deodhar trees and expert the surrounding air. One such thought came to my mind that I must have one home of mine near Nainital where I can spend my leisure time .It started 4 years back when one odd day I received a email to have villa or flat in Bhowali near Nainital. I just opened the email and picturesque in that mesmerizing. And I called the person name sanjay pathak to my office discuss about the project without thinking from where I will get the money as the situation was ok ok that time due to new entrepreneurship still I gave courage and momentum to my mind that this is something which is making me to drive crazy.

The guy came and we discussed the project in Bhowali. Someone I was on business trip to pant nagar, almora so I thought of passing by the project site. And when I saw the Bhowali project I made up my mind that whatsoever it may happen I will save some money to get this dream done. And the guy asked me to stay to an another project near Bhowali called amritpur and he said that I will forgot Bhowali after seeing the serenity of the place. 
I and my colleague went to place called amritpur it took us while after finishing busy customer day . Body was tired with 400 odd km driving . Food and bed was the only thing in mind . Somehow we reached around 8 pm to place called Natureville , amritpur. A couple of finished villas and 10% finished apartment site was only there but place was such mind cooling one that the villa we stayed changed my mind to change flat booked from Bhowali to amritpur in one stance after looking the place and it’s surroundings.

We left next morning back to delhi and I was thrilled that I found something which can always give me hideout in a year. And place one can settle after retirement. 

It took 4 years of many rounds of discussion of leaving the project and gaininh trust on sanjay pathak as I told him that this project is my dream and passion which I put in anything was the thing letting me stay in the project. 
And today after 4 years I got registration of the project . It gave me mixed feelings of joy and sadness that I have to work for another 9 more years to finally live the life of leisure and peace where I will be on my own. It will take another 6-8 months for flats to get fully functional but villas have been occupied with few families and they are enjoying the serenity. Almost little mobile signals and silent nights with sounds of river flowing on the downside of project place. 

Viewside from the flat is no doubt another relaxing factor with fully furnished apartment with all amenities in the package gives right option to buy if someone interested live actual life in mountain. Infrastructure given by builder do have difference bcoz it tells story of government giving uncomfortable access on roads as of now but still for old age people who don’t want to live life in cities this is something really make sense.
I have attached some pics just to tell people of you dream something whole universe starts making it happen and today I am convinced once again by this quote from Paula cohelo. As I believed on it many times and still see that this quote make sense atleast to me.