Fake Women Freedom

I have often seen in middle or lower middle class families a woman can only have a male friend before marriage . After marriage keeping a friend is given different meaning. And if a woman booze out with her friends rather than to be concern about her security meanings are taken different. 

And if any woman want to see her friend who happens has to be male she tries that meeting happens along with her husband.
Likewise there are many topics where I feel woman looses her freedom after her marriage commonly due to male dominance, useless family bondations. These faults are often contributed by men society but I presume women herself are responsible for this to an extent. 

Who is in society decides that character of woman is good or bad. Question comes is it only men or women as well. This is question are we really living in 21st century or its just for sake we are modern and show this off. 

Another question comes were women more liberal 500 years ago and from last 100 odd years they are being cornered.

Why a husband has to accompany if a woman just want to meet her friends those  could be male or female and on contrary if men move out with any female friend it’s commonly accepted. 

Sometimes I feel a girl or boy are friends before they get into a knot with someone. We call it friendship later only for name sake. 

Are we really modern or fake modern , when we will get off this maleodrama. This comparison when I see from western world to Indian subcontinent tells that women in India has fake rights of living.