Some Relations

As the topic says some Relations are like that no matter you have not spoken with them but they matter in your like the same way they actually use to be. I met one of my close associate or friend whatever you may call it , its giving me goose bumps till this moment that I have certainly achieved one moment or a milestone. I captured this moment for lifelong bcoz you may never know Kal Ho Na Ho.
Sharad same old guy I met when he joined waters and no matter whosoever said anything about him I can say I treasure a relationship till the point I am living. I know we never met for even twice or thrice after we left waters but the bond is still the same. I would like to say we both missed Rupak and JM bcoz the openness and bond with them is unparrallel. We may have fb nuances on difference of opinion but it never happened the respect for each other has ever crossed to a level which may be for people would be different.

Hard core life of sales and to whatever we have achieved so far two things which never came between us one is position and other is money. 
Some Relations are like that only , you touch them again they become green again. I know JM , Rupak and others must be this occasion but I would say I and sharad made it today. And surprisingly there was no Modi discussion may be we were two or we actually kept it unknowingly out of our mind. Bcoz presence of each other made it like two brothers are meeting after long time and there was much to say rather discuss with each other.
Thanks sharad for reliving the moment. It was someone who use to ask me why I do not see my best friend’s but yes I made it today and my gratitude towards same respect has made me to feel some Relations and attitudes are forever and they never change with time no matter time wants to part them away.
The only thing which was more astonishing for me was I was not able to see from the pic am I the same Hemant bcoz first time ever I felt my looks have changed from the one I use to have 8-10yrs back.
Looking to see other guys as well bcoz Kal Ho Na Ho. 


यादों को किसी ने यूँ छेड़ दिया

मेरा हिस्सा वो ऐसे बयां कर दिया

की छोड़ आया सदियों पहले जिसे

आज उसी का ज़िक्र कर दिया मुझसे

उसके बनने से जलने तक सफर

देखा है बहुत नज़दीकियों से

वो सुबह से एक शोरगुल सा दुकानों में

बिकता था तीर कमान आवाज गूंजती थी कानों में

मैंने देखी वो रौनक अपने अज़ीज़ रिश्तों में

अपने भाई की उन्न खिलती मुस्कुराहोटों में

वो नए से कुछ कपड़े मिलते थे जो एक एक सालों में

पकवान कुछ तीखें कुछ मीठे नज़रे भर जाती थी देख लेने से

अब कहाँ ये सब अब कहाँ ये सब बदले हुए नज़ारो में

झूठी शानो शौक़त अमीरेयत का दिखावा

अहंकार से डूबा हुआ उनका ये फ़साना

 भूल जाते हैं की खुशियां दौलत से कम 

साथ बिताए पलों में ज़्यादा मिलती है

और रावण तो हर साल जल जाता है

पर यादें उन्ही जगहों पे मिलती हैं

अब शायद समझ आता है कि क्यों बचपन याद आता है

जवानी तोह एक दिखावा है रिश्तों से दूर करता एक बहाना है

बचपन में चले जाते वापस तो कुछ हो पाता

अब तो उम्र गुज़र जाए उन्ही गलियारों में

तो ज़िन्दगी मुमकिन है

तेरे शहर में गुज़र जाए ज़िन्दगी

अब और मुमकिन नही