Har ki Paidi Haridwar

It’s a place of multiple events for some it is place to take holy dip on festive occasions and for others they take dip after doings rights for their lost ones. 

Today on the day of Bhai Dujj festival least expected though it was huge rush. It came to my mind two days back that it has been long I have not taken holy dip in river ganga. We all left around 10.30 am from rishikesh for haridwar someone will surely ask I could have gone to take bath in river Ganges at rishikesh why haridwar but sometimes one becomes pure Orthodox and take those steps which commonly done by people.

In short after taking dip it gave a religious feeling as if some heaviness went through mind or it was needed to do something reverse. Chants of har har gange by every person taking the dip was making worthiness of the place that why people come from various parts of country and world to see haridwar and city all around.

Unplanned in a one way but worth having dip in holy ganga today feeling relaxed and blessed. One remembered my late brother as I did his rights after death here only. 
There is some invisible power in the Ganges water that one really feel that he has come not to take bath but to express realy emotional feelings for the people one has lost in pursue this life. Nowhere you get this feeling except at this place although Ganges flow at different cities and places.
After very long time almost after 9 years it was feeling which came to.mind in 1 day and got fulfilled.
One must atleast come in year for tranquility of mind and maligness in the hearts to take dip in holy river which is truly divine

Three Musketeers with Gentleman

Day headed to meet few friends once again. Rupak, sharad, anoop and I . It was long time after I saw rupak and so as Rupak & Sharad. We made one close friend today Anoop. And the moment we sat all 10 yrs back talks were around . Anoop was listener today as it was his first get together with us but such a patient guy who listened to our sense and non sense talk and I am sure now more people will join in future. I was relishing the same young hemant who use to be sales oerson. We had rounds of beers and more than beer it was the talks which was on top . Taste of china place were sharad and rupak use to gather for customer meetings and even the waiter who 10 yrs before was a service guy now became captain. 
After dinner we went for paan and it was first time for me to see night life of CP and fire paan my first instance made me feel yes life in delhi is something else which I never had impression. Thanks to sharad , rupak and anoop to make it happen.
Life beyond business and competition is different where we shared experiences rather that business. 

Words are getting short as I am trying to recollect every single nuance but still we missed many people and main part is though they were absent we still remembered. Despite each one of had priorities but the time we enjoyed today we can only mesmerise and lock into memories.

Who knows where we will be in future but the time we captured today was awesome. And for me specially meeting every friend is giving me nostalgia and making me to live life out of business life once again.


दहक जाता हूँ 

कुदरत के दस्तूर देख कर

अपनो को अपने से कभी दूर देख कर

तू बूढ़ी हो चुकी आंखें कमज़ोर

नाही बदला है जो 

वो तेरा रोज़ मेरा ही इंतेज़ार

खौल उठता हूँ देख कर तेरी आँखों में आंसू

दर्द केहरा जाता है तेरे दर्द को देख कर

खुदा ने भी नायाब ही बनाया तुझे माँ

मेरी सिसकियों को कोसों दूर पहचान लेती है

अपने को भूखा रख मुझे परोस देती हैं

नही मालूम की तेरे कितने कर्ज़ है मुझ पर

एक उम्र और मिल जाये दुआ करता हूँ हरदम

वक़्त किसका कब  रहता है

वक़्त ही तो में मांग लेता हूँ दुआ मैं

तेरे कर्ज़ में ही गुज़र जाए मेरी ज़िंदगी

हर दरवाज़े पे सर झुका लेता हूँ मैं

कांप उठता हूँ जब तू राज़ छुपा लेती है

अपने दर्द को अपनी हँसी में छुपा लेती है

क्या सोच के नाम माँ दिया है उस खुदा ने

मुरत में ममता दिल में सागर दिया है।

वक़्त रुकेगा नही ना ही मेरी शिददत तेरे लिए

लगा तोह खुदा से लड़ जाऊंगा तुझे फिर माँ कहने के लिए

मेरा रोम रोम कर्ज़दार है तेरा 

मेरी तो माँ भी तू जगदम्बा भी नाम है तेरा

Dreams Do Come True

When romantic thoughts comes to anyone’s mind person thinks of moving around deodhar trees and expert the surrounding air. One such thought came to my mind that I must have one home of mine near Nainital where I can spend my leisure time .It started 4 years back when one odd day I received a email to have villa or flat in Bhowali near Nainital. I just opened the email and picturesque in that mesmerizing. And I called the person name sanjay pathak to my office discuss about the project without thinking from where I will get the money as the situation was ok ok that time due to new entrepreneurship still I gave courage and momentum to my mind that this is something which is making me to drive crazy.

The guy came and we discussed the project in Bhowali. Someone I was on business trip to pant nagar, almora so I thought of passing by the project site. And when I saw the Bhowali project I made up my mind that whatsoever it may happen I will save some money to get this dream done. And the guy asked me to stay to an another project near Bhowali called amritpur and he said that I will forgot Bhowali after seeing the serenity of the place. 
I and my colleague went to place called amritpur it took us while after finishing busy customer day . Body was tired with 400 odd km driving . Food and bed was the only thing in mind . Somehow we reached around 8 pm to place called Natureville , amritpur. A couple of finished villas and 10% finished apartment site was only there but place was such mind cooling one that the villa we stayed changed my mind to change flat booked from Bhowali to amritpur in one stance after looking the place and it’s surroundings.

We left next morning back to delhi and I was thrilled that I found something which can always give me hideout in a year. And place one can settle after retirement. 

It took 4 years of many rounds of discussion of leaving the project and gaininh trust on sanjay pathak as I told him that this project is my dream and passion which I put in anything was the thing letting me stay in the project. 
And today after 4 years I got registration of the project . It gave me mixed feelings of joy and sadness that I have to work for another 9 more years to finally live the life of leisure and peace where I will be on my own. It will take another 6-8 months for flats to get fully functional but villas have been occupied with few families and they are enjoying the serenity. Almost little mobile signals and silent nights with sounds of river flowing on the downside of project place. 

Viewside from the flat is no doubt another relaxing factor with fully furnished apartment with all amenities in the package gives right option to buy if someone interested live actual life in mountain. Infrastructure given by builder do have difference bcoz it tells story of government giving uncomfortable access on roads as of now but still for old age people who don’t want to live life in cities this is something really make sense.
I have attached some pics just to tell people of you dream something whole universe starts making it happen and today I am convinced once again by this quote from Paula cohelo. As I believed on it many times and still see that this quote make sense atleast to me.

Fake Women Freedom

I have often seen in middle or lower middle class families a woman can only have a male friend before marriage . After marriage keeping a friend is given different meaning. And if a woman booze out with her friends rather than to be concern about her security meanings are taken different. 

And if any woman want to see her friend who happens has to be male she tries that meeting happens along with her husband.
Likewise there are many topics where I feel woman looses her freedom after her marriage commonly due to male dominance, useless family bondations. These faults are often contributed by men society but I presume women herself are responsible for this to an extent. 

Who is in society decides that character of woman is good or bad. Question comes is it only men or women as well. This is question are we really living in 21st century or its just for sake we are modern and show this off. 

Another question comes were women more liberal 500 years ago and from last 100 odd years they are being cornered.

Why a husband has to accompany if a woman just want to meet her friends those  could be male or female and on contrary if men move out with any female friend it’s commonly accepted. 

Sometimes I feel a girl or boy are friends before they get into a knot with someone. We call it friendship later only for name sake. 

Are we really modern or fake modern , when we will get off this maleodrama. This comparison when I see from western world to Indian subcontinent tells that women in India has fake rights of living. 

Some Relations

As the topic says some Relations are like that no matter you have not spoken with them but they matter in your like the same way they actually use to be. I met one of my close associate or friend whatever you may call it , its giving me goose bumps till this moment that I have certainly achieved one moment or a milestone. I captured this moment for lifelong bcoz you may never know Kal Ho Na Ho.
Sharad same old guy I met when he joined waters and no matter whosoever said anything about him I can say I treasure a relationship till the point I am living. I know we never met for even twice or thrice after we left waters but the bond is still the same. I would like to say we both missed Rupak and JM bcoz the openness and bond with them is unparrallel. We may have fb nuances on difference of opinion but it never happened the respect for each other has ever crossed to a level which may be for people would be different.

Hard core life of sales and to whatever we have achieved so far two things which never came between us one is position and other is money. 
Some Relations are like that only , you touch them again they become green again. I know JM , Rupak and others must be this occasion but I would say I and sharad made it today. And surprisingly there was no Modi discussion may be we were two or we actually kept it unknowingly out of our mind. Bcoz presence of each other made it like two brothers are meeting after long time and there was much to say rather discuss with each other.
Thanks sharad for reliving the moment. It was someone who use to ask me why I do not see my best friend’s but yes I made it today and my gratitude towards same respect has made me to feel some Relations and attitudes are forever and they never change with time no matter time wants to part them away.
The only thing which was more astonishing for me was I was not able to see from the pic am I the same Hemant bcoz first time ever I felt my looks have changed from the one I use to have 8-10yrs back.
Looking to see other guys as well bcoz Kal Ho Na Ho. 


यादों को किसी ने यूँ छेड़ दिया

मेरा हिस्सा वो ऐसे बयां कर दिया

की छोड़ आया सदियों पहले जिसे

आज उसी का ज़िक्र कर दिया मुझसे

उसके बनने से जलने तक सफर

देखा है बहुत नज़दीकियों से

वो सुबह से एक शोरगुल सा दुकानों में

बिकता था तीर कमान आवाज गूंजती थी कानों में

मैंने देखी वो रौनक अपने अज़ीज़ रिश्तों में

अपने भाई की उन्न खिलती मुस्कुराहोटों में

वो नए से कुछ कपड़े मिलते थे जो एक एक सालों में

पकवान कुछ तीखें कुछ मीठे नज़रे भर जाती थी देख लेने से

अब कहाँ ये सब अब कहाँ ये सब बदले हुए नज़ारो में

झूठी शानो शौक़त अमीरेयत का दिखावा

अहंकार से डूबा हुआ उनका ये फ़साना

 भूल जाते हैं की खुशियां दौलत से कम 

साथ बिताए पलों में ज़्यादा मिलती है

और रावण तो हर साल जल जाता है

पर यादें उन्ही जगहों पे मिलती हैं

अब शायद समझ आता है कि क्यों बचपन याद आता है

जवानी तोह एक दिखावा है रिश्तों से दूर करता एक बहाना है

बचपन में चले जाते वापस तो कुछ हो पाता

अब तो उम्र गुज़र जाए उन्ही गलियारों में

तो ज़िन्दगी मुमकिन है

तेरे शहर में गुज़र जाए ज़िन्दगी

अब और मुमकिन नही