London- The last night 

It’s 10 pm in the night and I am still awake surfing around web as need to catch flight in the morning. I presume it to be last night in London for this year. It’s a city which I dreamt of always being settling down  after swiss because of its countryside and cosmopolitan diversity of people. More importantly it’s charisma I still remember when I first came 2 years back to London there was curiosity inside my mind bcoz there was still a child inside me who always think of going to London one day. 
I cannot forget in my childhood my father use to say me you only make castles in air but somewhere I was confident that even though being ignored and mediocre student in my school I will make it someday to what I live for. And Here I see London still awaiting for me with open hands to embrace nostalgic feeling of being around Thames Bridge. 

Although, I didnt went there today bcoz hopping around london in last 2 years have become a sort of routine but I still can feel the enigma inside me that one day I will come for pleasure trip to have real feel of it. 

It gives you kind a  feeling of home away from home. I always get fascinated with the way policemen or train traffic man accent of guiding people about platform change or delay of train. That’s something you will never find anywhere in world who speak English as their native language for communication.

For  now it’s good bye to London as I always say in SRK way DONE DONE LONDON. Quite many friends I made they always made me felt part of their known people and exchanges of whole UK has made me to pass thanks from bottom of my heart. 

If I still close my eyes the night view of London bridge mesmerises me and take me into its own world of beauty which is till date in night is unparrallel.

I always felt that whenever I came to London I justified my nickname and dream which I use to follow from childhood