Manchester United Football Stadium

It came as surprise when I reached Stockport for business trip one of my friend just ask about my well being and offered me that whether I am keen to see Manchester United match with Burton on Wednesday night and I just said yes because it was going to be my only live sport match I ever seen. And timings were also fine around 8 pm night so I was pretty much ok with it although we had 3 business meetings but still it was something people wait for.

We finished out appointments around 4 pm and friend dropped back us to hotel to pick us around quarter past 5 so that we can catch up with pre decided indian curry followed with match at 8 pm. We were 4 people and my friend’s friend was to join us at gate of stadium. 

We had spicy indian curry before start of navratra festival with glass of beer to get body charged up . We parked the car near school 2 mile away from stadium and then walked as fast as possible to reach to the entry gate as stadium was gearing up with crowd and security was tightened up.
The friend didn’t tell where our seats were actually until we enter the statdium. I was really keen to see how does it look like to see live football match and we were given surprised that our seats were two rows behind where actually the players use to seat with whole team staff including Team Manager. In my heart I was thanking both friends and the moment we entered the stadium it was different aura which can only  be felt being in person over there. Loud music , clapping hands with shouts of Manchester United and Burton from there respective supporters .
We took our seats and the very first thing I did was to take out my mobile to catch up the initial glimpse of stadium which indeed was looking perfect with night lights , lushy green grass and suddenly announcement of team arrival happened with music and soon after match started. Manchester United from the start was having hold on the match and then ended up with 4-1 . The only thing after every goal I was looking over is there any screen to see replay of the goals.

I thought after watching live match that it makes sense to see live games aa it gives you lively moments and one is charged up with all pressures go away which you get from busy day. Sport certain gives you momentum to live again like love or romance.
Thanks Massom, Matt , Sean being part of this lovely experience and special thanks to Matt for arranging everything