Heidelberg Castle

Had short visit to Heidelberg yesterday though not planned . Well another romantic place near to Ludwigshafen which gives you mesmerizing feeling to be with your beloved as it has river bridge which connects the downtown and mountain on the otherside. 
It has old castle which is a good trek to see the palace and the beautiful palace garden. One can see the reminisce of palace just like any other castle in europe. Palace garden is still gives beautiful view from the top of the city and whole city can be seen from one single view.
Downtown has all the amenities of traditional and modern cuisine and shops from where you can buy the souvenirs . Cool weather it was sometimes a little drizzle followed with bright sunny day which was giving both view one can aspire during this time.
This place will certainly give you feeling to relax with one’s beloved & after a trek og 2 km when one reaches to palace garden it’s gives feeling as if you reached on the top. One can go walking with holding hands of each other and at times can have cute kisses giving feeling of love at palace and good for short walk around as well.
Place is full of crowd from all over the world who come to Heidelberg. Worth visiting the place during this time . Little away from mainstream city of Frankfurt but a day or two are certainly good for relaxing by sitting on the banks of river , cruising on the river could another good idea. 
Though was not very exciting as was with my two friends but still gave feeing of a day out to something new which was not seen so far.
Good place to visit if someone wants to club Heidelberg to Stuttgart to swiss.