Again back to this city . In last 2 years I guess it’s has been countless time I have visited this city is for business. 40-50 miles from Frankfurt airport Rhein river parts two city Mannheim and Ludwigshafen. 

Although the city is green but mainey known for industrial companies specially BASF and other pharmaceutical industry.

Two airports Frankfurt and Stuttgart are pretty on equidistance but more you go towards Stuttgart the aura of south Germany behind. Lushy green roads with university like Stuttgart and Tubingen although they are far 2-3 hrs drive but panorama starts from Ludwigshafen.

Staying in hotel just infront of main train station gives the feeling of people passing through and you can relate how expression of love & freedom is so incomparable with my own country where if you walk around with a girl people have meanings to take out. This always give me weird feeling is this culture is correct or the other one. I generally do not dig too much on the cultural side but one good thing happened to me before I boarded the train for Ludwigshafen I asked for lighter from a couple standing near smoking zone and they happily offered without thinking much of my appearance although it has become much common to receive a comment that I do not look like from india. We exchanged the country names identification and I came to know the couple were from iraq and woman was as well smoking. Had it been in iraq she would have been in burqa. This tells woman definitely needs freedom of expression but west asia , africa, india , pakistan, bangladesh and too an extent they have to revolt if freedom word has to be defined. 

This city is full of Turkish people who settled way back 50- 100 yrs back and they are major work force at ground level for this city. You will surely find people from other countries as well specially punjabi from India as Frankfurt is crowded with sikhs as well. 

Well in the end I can say. Small but nice industrial city of Germany where even on the hotel walls one can see BASF industrial plant pictures