वो हस्ता होगा देख इंसान की नादानियां

जो जला देतें हैं उसे और खुद रोज़ जलते हैं रहते

कभी गृणा की आग कभी घमंड की ज्वाला

कभी क्रोध की माला जकड़ा हुआ मूर्ख इंसान

समझता है रावण जला देने से जल गया सब मैल

जो नही जला वो है उसके मस्तिष्क का बैर

उलझ रहा है सोच रहा है दिल को रख कर खुश

खुद को समझ कर राम क्या तूने सीखा त्याग

वो भ्रात प्रेम जो होय जबतक है बचपन

वो खुद को मिटा देना जब आघात करे दुश्मन

नही आसां दुनिया में बन जाना राम 

पहले थोड़ा तोह तुम समझ लो राम

क्या तुम खुद को कहते हो रावण

शर्म से झुक जाता हूँ करते हो स्त्री वस्त्र हरण

अहंकार लिप्त ओ मानव क्या भूल गया 

तू नही है त्रेता युग में जहां राम भी रावण करता समान

जिसे कहते है कलयुग तू कर रहा उसका अपमान

सोच ठहर कुछ कर ऐसा की रह जाये तुझ में एक इंसान

युग युग तुझे याद करे ले प्रण तू कुछ ऐसा मेरी मान

London- The last night 

It’s 10 pm in the night and I am still awake surfing around web as need to catch flight in the morning. I presume it to be last night in London for this year. It’s a city which I dreamt of always being settling down  after swiss because of its countryside and cosmopolitan diversity of people. More importantly it’s charisma I still remember when I first came 2 years back to London there was curiosity inside my mind bcoz there was still a child inside me who always think of going to London one day. 
I cannot forget in my childhood my father use to say me you only make castles in air but somewhere I was confident that even though being ignored and mediocre student in my school I will make it someday to what I live for. And Here I see London still awaiting for me with open hands to embrace nostalgic feeling of being around Thames Bridge. 

Although, I didnt went there today bcoz hopping around london in last 2 years have become a sort of routine but I still can feel the enigma inside me that one day I will come for pleasure trip to have real feel of it. 

It gives you kind a  feeling of home away from home. I always get fascinated with the way policemen or train traffic man accent of guiding people about platform change or delay of train. That’s something you will never find anywhere in world who speak English as their native language for communication.

For  now it’s good bye to London as I always say in SRK way DONE DONE LONDON. Quite many friends I made they always made me felt part of their known people and exchanges of whole UK has made me to pass thanks from bottom of my heart. 

If I still close my eyes the night view of London bridge mesmerises me and take me into its own world of beauty which is till date in night is unparrallel.

I always felt that whenever I came to London I justified my nickname and dream which I use to follow from childhood

अभी ज़िंदा हूँ

अभी ज़िंदा हूँ

ज़िन्दगी का सफर कायम है

आवाज़ महसूस करता हूँ

चौराहें से जब गुज़रता हूँ

चेहरे की झुर्रियां  पिचके गालों

कम खुलती पलकों से 

डगर साथ चलने की देख लेता हूँ

ख़्वाबों की पोटली उम्र का तक़ाज़ा

दोनो साथ ही बढ़ते दिखता है

ना ख़्वाब ही रुकते हैं

ना उम्र ही रूकती है

साँसे कभी थमती है कभी अकस्मात दौर पड़ती 

हाकिम की दवा भी असर देर से करती है

फिर भी 

अभी में जिंदा हूँ

किताबों से दोस्ती

किताबों से मोहब्बत

यही ख़्वाबों के जैसे अब शिददत

गुज़रे पलों वही ढ़ूढ़ लेता हूँ

खुश होना कभी मायूसी सा

इन् एहसासों का आखमिलचोली खेलना

बंद सा है 

फिर भी

अभी में ज़िंदा हूँ

Manchester United Football Stadium

It came as surprise when I reached Stockport for business trip one of my friend just ask about my well being and offered me that whether I am keen to see Manchester United match with Burton on Wednesday night and I just said yes because it was going to be my only live sport match I ever seen. And timings were also fine around 8 pm night so I was pretty much ok with it although we had 3 business meetings but still it was something people wait for.

We finished out appointments around 4 pm and friend dropped back us to hotel to pick us around quarter past 5 so that we can catch up with pre decided indian curry followed with match at 8 pm. We were 4 people and my friend’s friend was to join us at gate of stadium. 

We had spicy indian curry before start of navratra festival with glass of beer to get body charged up . We parked the car near school 2 mile away from stadium and then walked as fast as possible to reach to the entry gate as stadium was gearing up with crowd and security was tightened up.
The friend didn’t tell where our seats were actually until we enter the statdium. I was really keen to see how does it look like to see live football match and we were given surprised that our seats were two rows behind where actually the players use to seat with whole team staff including Team Manager. In my heart I was thanking both friends and the moment we entered the stadium it was different aura which can only  be felt being in person over there. Loud music , clapping hands with shouts of Manchester United and Burton from there respective supporters .
We took our seats and the very first thing I did was to take out my mobile to catch up the initial glimpse of stadium which indeed was looking perfect with night lights , lushy green grass and suddenly announcement of team arrival happened with music and soon after match started. Manchester United from the start was having hold on the match and then ended up with 4-1 . The only thing after every goal I was looking over is there any screen to see replay of the goals.

I thought after watching live match that it makes sense to see live games aa it gives you lively moments and one is charged up with all pressures go away which you get from busy day. Sport certain gives you momentum to live again like love or romance.
Thanks Massom, Matt , Sean being part of this lovely experience and special thanks to Matt for arranging everything

Heidelberg Castle

Had short visit to Heidelberg yesterday though not planned . Well another romantic place near to Ludwigshafen which gives you mesmerizing feeling to be with your beloved as it has river bridge which connects the downtown and mountain on the otherside. 
It has old castle which is a good trek to see the palace and the beautiful palace garden. One can see the reminisce of palace just like any other castle in europe. Palace garden is still gives beautiful view from the top of the city and whole city can be seen from one single view.
Downtown has all the amenities of traditional and modern cuisine and shops from where you can buy the souvenirs . Cool weather it was sometimes a little drizzle followed with bright sunny day which was giving both view one can aspire during this time.
This place will certainly give you feeling to relax with one’s beloved & after a trek og 2 km when one reaches to palace garden it’s gives feeling as if you reached on the top. One can go walking with holding hands of each other and at times can have cute kisses giving feeling of love at palace and good for short walk around as well.
Place is full of crowd from all over the world who come to Heidelberg. Worth visiting the place during this time . Little away from mainstream city of Frankfurt but a day or two are certainly good for relaxing by sitting on the banks of river , cruising on the river could another good idea. 
Though was not very exciting as was with my two friends but still gave feeing of a day out to something new which was not seen so far.
Good place to visit if someone wants to club Heidelberg to Stuttgart to swiss. 


Again back to this city . In last 2 years I guess it’s has been countless time I have visited this city is for business. 40-50 miles from Frankfurt airport Rhein river parts two city Mannheim and Ludwigshafen. 

Although the city is green but mainey known for industrial companies specially BASF and other pharmaceutical industry.

Two airports Frankfurt and Stuttgart are pretty on equidistance but more you go towards Stuttgart the aura of south Germany behind. Lushy green roads with university like Stuttgart and Tubingen although they are far 2-3 hrs drive but panorama starts from Ludwigshafen.

Staying in hotel just infront of main train station gives the feeling of people passing through and you can relate how expression of love & freedom is so incomparable with my own country where if you walk around with a girl people have meanings to take out. This always give me weird feeling is this culture is correct or the other one. I generally do not dig too much on the cultural side but one good thing happened to me before I boarded the train for Ludwigshafen I asked for lighter from a couple standing near smoking zone and they happily offered without thinking much of my appearance although it has become much common to receive a comment that I do not look like from india. We exchanged the country names identification and I came to know the couple were from iraq and woman was as well smoking. Had it been in iraq she would have been in burqa. This tells woman definitely needs freedom of expression but west asia , africa, india , pakistan, bangladesh and too an extent they have to revolt if freedom word has to be defined. 

This city is full of Turkish people who settled way back 50- 100 yrs back and they are major work force at ground level for this city. You will surely find people from other countries as well specially punjabi from India as Frankfurt is crowded with sikhs as well. 

Well in the end I can say. Small but nice industrial city of Germany where even on the hotel walls one can see BASF industrial plant pictures