वो टूटे हुए मकानों में, सुने पड़े मैदानोँ में, कहीं मेरा बचपन आवाज़ देता है ज़ोर से कानों में, फ़िर से रंगीन करने आजा ओ बिछड़े मुसाफ़िर , सकून जो यहाँ है वो कहाँ तेरे मकानों में।

Rishikesh- The Small World Around Me

This has been awesome day when I felt very close to my heart as if I was born today only. My drive from dehradun to rishikesh in midst of rainy weather and crossing dense forest early morning was really freshing up and getting to real essence of my life.

Everything has changed around this place called rishikesh but what it still brings out freshness with oldness it’s unexplainable. The moment you enter the city it takes you down to the memory lane so fast that you dont feel like stranger. From the limilights and gliterring life of big cities this city weather reminded me off south germany weather except there you do not have Ganges.

Now whenever I visit this city I want to be secluded from people and want to get back into my own so that I can recollect memories with same intensity and freshness.

Evening walk with music hitting into ears and cosy wind breezing from the bank of ganges gave me WOW feeling and romance flooded into my mind by relishing small nuances. It’s making me everyday strong that to settle down here in decade down the line so that last year’s of life are passed with same symphony which started in childhood.

Reattaching the clicks and many more to come .

Thank you Rishikesh being one of the most valuable part in my life.