Tianjin Sea River

A upcoming city in China development in very fast piace. I am witnessing the city from past 5 years. Being port city the city is architectured on backwaters which gives a miniature look of Shanghai.

Tianjin downtown has all the amenities which one expect from a modern cities these days. One can find old houses with high rise buildings within or outskirt of the city. 

Tianjin is connected with two more cities named Tanguu and TEDA (bin hai). The former one being the old city which was later divided into two parts and the new part was named TEDA which is industrial zone and you can find TEDA the most upcoming area with International schools and people giving chinese young generation to match up with International arena.

If one visits any of the 3 cities in the night , the lighting is so beautifully arranged on Streets or Buildings that it gives awesome look to the city. 
Big malls with all top Brand’s of merchandise and latest apple stores gives a feeling that city life is comparable with USA

On the sides of river one can see top companies offices with glass buildings and in evening when offices are lightened one feels that it’s some festivals.

The park around river gives mesmerizing feeling with old and young people in small groups dancing Belle which tells freedom of living in the city or country.

All in end I can say it’s a city worth settling down if you can manage traditional Chinese food and language other than that one can find everything no matter it’s transport system , safety or big highways connecting one city with other.

Rishikesh – The Land Of Peace and Relaxation

When ever I think to write anything about Rishikesh , I always get confused from where shall I start writing. I have childhood to youngerhood memories and when I think of people who come to this holy place for tourist attraction then also there is lot to write about. Lets begin the journey to explain or elaborate about this small city . The moment you enter the city while driving down from haridwar you find attraction like Rajaji National Park, Triveni Ghaat , Munni Kee Reti , Ramjhula, LakshmanJhula and journey goes on till one reaches to Chaar Dhaam (4 Likhe image) spots Badrinath, Kedaranath, Gangotri , Yamunotri . And most fascinating part of the journey is that from haridwar to Rishikesh till Highest Point if anyone wants to go on your inside is hills or city and on other side Banks of River Ganga which has various names at different location on the way as it gets bifurcated into alakannda and bhagirathi. Old mythological stories about saint Bhagirath are mentioned in Hindu Scriptures.

This 400-500 Km stretch has everything which a person needs for relaxation of mind. Be it having Yoga and Meditation on the Banks of River Ganga or Trying out seeing Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan or Triveni Ghat for mythological region. This city Rishikesh is called land of Lord Shiva as well sometimes as there is famous temple of Lord Shiva called Neelkanth which has strong presence in minds of people hailing from Northern India. 

If I cut short the tourist attraction of the city and just go to a place called IDPL where my almost 25 yrs of life has been passed off then I will thank God for making my childhood so memorable that after seeing city life of delhi and other major cities of India , I would say I was grown in Heaven. I happened to pass through two days back the placed called IDPL and after taking glimpse of favorite spots it gave me all those naughty activities we used to do during those young times. It will take me a whole book if I start writing about journey of my childhood to adolescent. But if see know the deserted look of the IDPL spread within 2 KM radius I hardly find kids playing in the grounds which use to be flooded with hardly any place on weekends. 

People of all class were part of this city and so as the differences being seen as well between the students of KV IDPL and IDPL Intercollege schools where students were not differentiated on the basis of Scientific or Commerce knowledge but on the English Language speaking front but the batch we got through this difference was quite sublimed. Still the analogy of difference if I take will remind me of famous movie of Aamir Khan Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. But all these things If I remember give me a strong feeling how the competition was prevailed at all levels in a small campus of 5000-6000 odd people. We were never use to any modern age privileges like air conditioner etc because that time we were so engrossed in playing all types of games and doing long walks under big trees spreader along city gate to factor gate and other small nuances are still countable in everyone’s life who has passed their 15-20 odd years. 

One must say nostalgia of living in such a beautiful place is now acknowledged more when many of us has seen different places around the world. And one cannot ignore Only Degree College Pt Lalit Mohan Sharma Snatakottar (Post Graduate) Mahavidhyalaya. I still remember people who use to study outside Rishikesh when use to come a visit to Degree College often use to give meeting all other friends of IDPL Inter College and I being alumini of both school had always dual advantage.

Still remember Mango Sucking sessions at Banks of Triveni Ghat during summer with famous Poori Aaloo (Bread and Mashed Potato).  Likewise many events happened during all major festivals every year are uncountable. 

In my recent visit I took some pics while coming from Dehradun to Rishikesh and Munni Kee Reti to Rishikesh and IDPL although much has changed in terms of commercialization and habitat but still the basic essence of city has been unchanged. You will get same feeling while you enter the city even today. 

I haven’t talked about that this city is internationally recognized as City of Yoga and you will find many people from abroad being settling down for a year or so to learn Yoga and then teaching the same in their home country. 

I often when meet people around the world and tell them India is not all about Delhi, Mumbai, Tajmahal , Rajasthan, if someone has to see India it’s so much diversified that it cannot be finished in one year of continuous travel.
Come and see land of Yoga , ignore small things as India is a developing country but it has its own enigma which is unparallel to other countries of world. There is so much to see and learn in every part or corner of the city Rishikesh that it gives really soothing and relaxing experience again and again.

And don’t forget that Rishikesh is surrounded by Dehradun, Mussourie, Auli etc etc .