Prague or Praha

Well what you say about this beautiful and architectural city Prague I simply go down to memory lane why this city has so much meaning for me. When I just remember about Prague it reminds me of Ranbir Kapoor ROCKSTAR movie and from there I actually understood little about this city and mere reason is that this is the city for lovers who want to enjoy the romance in beautifully arched city divided into river cruise , historical monuments and hills from where the view of whole city is mesmerizing. 

Crowded with roughly 200 odd hotels and almost every European to asian cuisine and with best attraction of maintaining old town is such a way that one will find mix of russian , roman and german culture with slight insight of Turkish as well but in nutshell whole city has every single thing which does not hold you back being romantic. With open culture of being European city makes it even more freedom loving for young couples who want time of their own without being bothered by feud culture which bounds one to express the feeling of being together.

When I look back the journey from nurnberg to Prague the view was pretty german with rapeseed oil agriculture which is eye soothing and the moment I reached Prague it gave me feeling that I have reached to somewhat between Poland and Russia. Bohemian culture what they usually say though I didn’t have no idea what type of culture it is except in history books during my youngerhood I just read about it.
It has long history of being invaded by Germans , Russians and Turks and maintaining Gothic culture ir really awesome. History says that whole city wad once being flooded and everything was effected badly but regaining from there and making perfect city again is really credible job. 
Boat cruise is one of the other major attraction which always end after city tour which takes you from plains to up the hill to see palace and gardens & there is even a suite point like we hear in nainital in india. Air is so fresh even it’s autumn and temperature is still close to room one. 

One can find all top brands it being tourist attractions and you can finish round of old to new town by walk it self with vintage. Cars and Horse Carts . 

I recommend it as a perfect city for people who are crazy and romantic in love with their beloved. 
Few clips from photography will give glimpses and goosebumps to visit this beautiful city of Prague. 

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