Mother’S Day

Word mother becomes very relevant when a girl transforms into a mother of a baby. There is something which god puts into her brain that sooner baby steps into this world the utmost care feelings develop with mother towards her baby. It does not say that fathers are anywhere less in the feeling but there is something which comes along with umbilical cord that mother senses everything happening to the kid no matter kid grows into a lad and even getting married or becoming father or mother  . To a mother her child never grows old by age.
Well this day comes everyday and you will find feelings/emotions are flooded on the social website but that does not mean who hide their feeling does not love their mother. Sometimes expression are delivered through care and love. For me everyday is mother day because if I am breathing in that breath emotions for my mother are paramount and it’s equal from her side as well. Someone has said mother has 9 senses because 3 are given extra to her when a woman brings child into this world may be linked to each months mother faces all pain to keep baby alive till it’s delivered and from there journey starts for her till she lives in this world.

People say time is great healer if either of parents does not live around your eyes but I say it’s not possible for me atleast as mere thought gives me terrible feeling and I pray she lives as long as I breath as I want to be her son in every birth no matter which form I will take.
I can write book on my mother and there will be incidents I can say her heart is pure and her anger is mindless as it’s like froth coming out of boiling milk and cools down.

I do not know whether I fulfilled my duties as son property because what she has done for me my doings are little and will always remain though never compared but she has given me more care and love rather I gave in return.

Maa you have been my strength and positivity for being what I am today. I cannot separate sacrifices you and dad have done for me by making me what I am today but you have been great friend all through my life and I wish you on this day Healthy Recovery. 

I do not have gifts for you but because every gift will be small and will have no value against what you have done for me. 
Happy Mother’s Day.

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