The Cleeve’s

Business apart there are some people you come across you always wanted to be in their company and today I am taking privilege to write few words on one of the best couples I have ever met in my life and my wishes with them are always to be with them. 
Matthew and Alison cleeve . The very first time I met both of them together and individually there were vibes which spreader around my mind if someone has to live and grow older these are couples who can tell the ways of doing it. Class apart , calm , serene and softness in handling each other with flawless care is what makes both of them wonderful couple. 

Matthew being smart and comic matches his persona with mature & sensitive Alison. You can feel the difference in their approach and care for each other but oneness you see in the end is incomparable. You will rarely find couples working in same organization with zero ego clashes and still objective oriented to help each other in best way possible. 
I being acquainted to both of them for last 2 years now and every time I see them gives me a feeling yes this is what life is one need to learn from them. I guess despite regular couples and tit-tat between them still you can see the space which they give to each other and that’s what liveliness you can see in their eyes and body language. 
When I see Alison I get same feeling of an Indian mother no matter she being english but her heart is still a mother and caring wife and Matthew is not being far away catching her in this respect. And that makes them complete couple. 

Long live you both and I will someday listening to both of them more closely write a romantic book with my imagination.
Next blog will be on another couple class apart John and Lisa shown in the picture below . Wait for my next blog on them.

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