London Diary Day 1

Kensington Gardens London.

Saturday night I and my frnds decided to have walk next morning to feel the cool breeze and Sunday london. This was the 2 nd time in London when I thought of going for a walk as parks in London are very beautiful and thoughtfully designed with antique sculptures and in almost all parks a small pond with bird sanctuary are managed. You will see all age group people running or walking to keep them fit. Often I compare that how much different life is in China and india where people get up in the morning to shuffle between morning work preparation and polluted air with candy noise from traffic specially metro’s which except areas near PM house or chankyapuri you will find enriched with forests else all park either you will find people running to fight with lifestyle diseases or preparing army exams. Very less people actually go for morning walk with purpose of being fit. We are habituated to show off that’s why we spent 2 hrs hitting the gym rather walk the talk with nature. 

This is what difference you will find in western countries here people earn to live but we live to earn and it’s not that we cannot have this life but we have raised our desires more than our health and to live life which has made most of the people in Asia suffering from lifestyle diseases and cancer by making body less immune to handle all this.

We only realize essence of life when we grow old and principally think that we have served our responsibilities to the maximum and now is the time to live before we take our last breath with life partner. 
When I see people here I find them mostly more purposeful to live the life without compromising basic necessities. Irony is that which I see from different angles what’s the actual purpose of living for most of the Asians and what they run behind are materialistic pleasures at cost of living the life. 

And we do not deserve these type of parks because we even being more educated will make these park a worst place to walk around no matter amenities are provided or not. Surprisingly the first chapter which is taught in childhood is to clean oneself and environment around but we have learnt only the former one latter one we always blame for authorities who see it’s a regular course of cribs from mango people. 

As being indian The purpose of jotting few words and some pictures of park here is do we ever think of making parks like these in common and with civic sense of making them clean to show our responsibilities towards mother Earth.
Many more will come in following days 

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