The Poor Heart

Heart physiologically an important organ of body involved in pumping of blood and beating differently at different occassions & psycologically we feel its the organ which feels but the biggest irony is that it just pumps up and down the volume of blood but then why we often come across people saying when it matters on relationship think from heart and on professional front use your brain. 
Human brain has been from ages a organ which has mysterious things hided inside in it. More you dig out, less it is and it still makes many stoned unturned as much you try to unturn. Brain is very smart in playing with all the organs and producing different behaviours or reactions at different situational swings and the most affected one is the Heart by its playful nuances. We say , we love , cry etc I mean all the feelings reflecting  in our daily life are governed by Brain no matter if its from frontal cortex or amygdala which are actually responsible for positive or negative feelings respectively. 

There must be beyond medical science purely philosphical or physcological why Heart is being called as organ which feels contracdictory to its function in real. The sensation of the beat during different feelings like love , hate , anger being mapped by brain creating a neuroimage and responding to fight or flight reaction . How much facinating is the relation between these two organs and their coordination. Execess beating of heart in happy or sad situation results in the arrest of the person’s life is often blamed to heart by stating ” why you felt that feeling so strongly that heart stopped pumping in reaction to it. ” But for a layman its unknown the director and story writer of all the feelings is Brain and poor Heart falls as a prey for all the blames.

The relationship between Brain and Heart might have been confirmed by medicine doctors but philosphist still go on thinking its the Heart which governs the emotions.