Prague or Praha

Well what you say about this beautiful and architectural city Prague I simply go down to memory lane why this city has so much meaning for me. When I just remember about Prague it reminds me of Ranbir Kapoor ROCKSTAR movie and from there I actually understood little about this city and mere reason is that this is the city for lovers who want to enjoy the romance in beautifully arched city divided into river cruise , historical monuments and hills from where the view of whole city is mesmerizing. 

Crowded with roughly 200 odd hotels and almost every European to asian cuisine and with best attraction of maintaining old town is such a way that one will find mix of russian , roman and german culture with slight insight of Turkish as well but in nutshell whole city has every single thing which does not hold you back being romantic. With open culture of being European city makes it even more freedom loving for young couples who want time of their own without being bothered by feud culture which bounds one to express the feeling of being together.

When I look back the journey from nurnberg to Prague the view was pretty german with rapeseed oil agriculture which is eye soothing and the moment I reached Prague it gave me feeling that I have reached to somewhat between Poland and Russia. Bohemian culture what they usually say though I didn’t have no idea what type of culture it is except in history books during my youngerhood I just read about it.
It has long history of being invaded by Germans , Russians and Turks and maintaining Gothic culture ir really awesome. History says that whole city wad once being flooded and everything was effected badly but regaining from there and making perfect city again is really credible job. 
Boat cruise is one of the other major attraction which always end after city tour which takes you from plains to up the hill to see palace and gardens & there is even a suite point like we hear in nainital in india. Air is so fresh even it’s autumn and temperature is still close to room one. 

One can find all top brands it being tourist attractions and you can finish round of old to new town by walk it self with vintage. Cars and Horse Carts . 

I recommend it as a perfect city for people who are crazy and romantic in love with their beloved. 
Few clips from photography will give glimpses and goosebumps to visit this beautiful city of Prague. 

Mother’S Day

Word mother becomes very relevant when a girl transforms into a mother of a baby. There is something which god puts into her brain that sooner baby steps into this world the utmost care feelings develop with mother towards her baby. It does not say that fathers are anywhere less in the feeling but there is something which comes along with umbilical cord that mother senses everything happening to the kid no matter kid grows into a lad and even getting married or becoming father or mother  . To a mother her child never grows old by age.
Well this day comes everyday and you will find feelings/emotions are flooded on the social website but that does not mean who hide their feeling does not love their mother. Sometimes expression are delivered through care and love. For me everyday is mother day because if I am breathing in that breath emotions for my mother are paramount and it’s equal from her side as well. Someone has said mother has 9 senses because 3 are given extra to her when a woman brings child into this world may be linked to each months mother faces all pain to keep baby alive till it’s delivered and from there journey starts for her till she lives in this world.

People say time is great healer if either of parents does not live around your eyes but I say it’s not possible for me atleast as mere thought gives me terrible feeling and I pray she lives as long as I breath as I want to be her son in every birth no matter which form I will take.
I can write book on my mother and there will be incidents I can say her heart is pure and her anger is mindless as it’s like froth coming out of boiling milk and cools down.

I do not know whether I fulfilled my duties as son property because what she has done for me my doings are little and will always remain though never compared but she has given me more care and love rather I gave in return.

Maa you have been my strength and positivity for being what I am today. I cannot separate sacrifices you and dad have done for me by making me what I am today but you have been great friend all through my life and I wish you on this day Healthy Recovery. 

I do not have gifts for you but because every gift will be small and will have no value against what you have done for me. 
Happy Mother’s Day.

The Cleeve’s

Business apart there are some people you come across you always wanted to be in their company and today I am taking privilege to write few words on one of the best couples I have ever met in my life and my wishes with them are always to be with them. 
Matthew and Alison cleeve . The very first time I met both of them together and individually there were vibes which spreader around my mind if someone has to live and grow older these are couples who can tell the ways of doing it. Class apart , calm , serene and softness in handling each other with flawless care is what makes both of them wonderful couple. 

Matthew being smart and comic matches his persona with mature & sensitive Alison. You can feel the difference in their approach and care for each other but oneness you see in the end is incomparable. You will rarely find couples working in same organization with zero ego clashes and still objective oriented to help each other in best way possible. 
I being acquainted to both of them for last 2 years now and every time I see them gives me a feeling yes this is what life is one need to learn from them. I guess despite regular couples and tit-tat between them still you can see the space which they give to each other and that’s what liveliness you can see in their eyes and body language. 
When I see Alison I get same feeling of an Indian mother no matter she being english but her heart is still a mother and caring wife and Matthew is not being far away catching her in this respect. And that makes them complete couple. 

Long live you both and I will someday listening to both of them more closely write a romantic book with my imagination.
Next blog will be on another couple class apart John and Lisa shown in the picture below . Wait for my next blog on them.

London Bridge

The moment one reaches around london bridge rather than cool breeze he starts thinking about bollywood movies specially SRK kabhi alvida naa kehna or kal ho naa ho. And it’s true I also started feeling the same. 

It was late afternoon we reached to london bridge station and more than anything our eyes were looking where is this scenic building and like giraffe neck we were changing our neck position and finally decided to use Google and followed till it took us over the bridge and the moment we reached their the feeling of being london got completed  as if this was something which never happened in all my past visits to london because it was between Heathrow to Kings Cross to St neots and back forth everyone. I should give credit to my friends and  Nikon camera which gave me motive to move around london this time.

Coming back to london bridge as I said it gives you feeling of SRK movies and his famous positions around the awesome building It gave me same nostalgia . London being a cosmopolitan city and place for young asian couples are the featured everywhere and around Westminster to london bridge it’s fully crowded when weekends start off.

On the far away bridge other side of London bridge with one side sun was setting and Sundays falling over london bridge was giving me wow like feeling as if I achieved something and my grateful desire to be a movie director was giving me kicks to leave my current profession to jump into what I really keep inherent desire and that gave me chance to wash my photography skills on my friends. For next 2- 3 hrs I was a romantic young guy or film photographer who was doing every tits bit to catch moments/picturesque into memories. 

As the sunset was close sky and rays onto the bridge were giving different angles to take snapshots and I being with my friends was in different world. 

This is first ever best outing I had in last 2 years of my international travel because I never made myself out to any sights except to the restaurants for business dinner. Taking time out to roam around london in evening I gave credit to my friends otherwise I would have gotten back to Heathrow and the feeling which I had while visiting london bridge would have been left once again somewhere in my list.

Although it s half hearted visit because it’s a romantic place but still worth paid off . Some of pictures I hit through the deck to fix this moment. 

London bridge yes it is one of the famous spot with its due meaning which we see in bollywood movies. 

London Diary Day 1

Kensington Gardens London.

Saturday night I and my frnds decided to have walk next morning to feel the cool breeze and Sunday london. This was the 2 nd time in London when I thought of going for a walk as parks in London are very beautiful and thoughtfully designed with antique sculptures and in almost all parks a small pond with bird sanctuary are managed. You will see all age group people running or walking to keep them fit. Often I compare that how much different life is in China and india where people get up in the morning to shuffle between morning work preparation and polluted air with candy noise from traffic specially metro’s which except areas near PM house or chankyapuri you will find enriched with forests else all park either you will find people running to fight with lifestyle diseases or preparing army exams. Very less people actually go for morning walk with purpose of being fit. We are habituated to show off that’s why we spent 2 hrs hitting the gym rather walk the talk with nature. 

This is what difference you will find in western countries here people earn to live but we live to earn and it’s not that we cannot have this life but we have raised our desires more than our health and to live life which has made most of the people in Asia suffering from lifestyle diseases and cancer by making body less immune to handle all this.

We only realize essence of life when we grow old and principally think that we have served our responsibilities to the maximum and now is the time to live before we take our last breath with life partner. 
When I see people here I find them mostly more purposeful to live the life without compromising basic necessities. Irony is that which I see from different angles what’s the actual purpose of living for most of the Asians and what they run behind are materialistic pleasures at cost of living the life. 

And we do not deserve these type of parks because we even being more educated will make these park a worst place to walk around no matter amenities are provided or not. Surprisingly the first chapter which is taught in childhood is to clean oneself and environment around but we have learnt only the former one latter one we always blame for authorities who see it’s a regular course of cribs from mango people. 

As being indian The purpose of jotting few words and some pictures of park here is do we ever think of making parks like these in common and with civic sense of making them clean to show our responsibilities towards mother Earth.
Many more will come in following days 

The Poor Heart

Heart physiologically an important organ of body involved in pumping of blood and beating differently at different occassions & psycologically we feel its the organ which feels but the biggest irony is that it just pumps up and down the volume of blood but then why we often come across people saying when it matters on relationship think from heart and on professional front use your brain. 
Human brain has been from ages a organ which has mysterious things hided inside in it. More you dig out, less it is and it still makes many stoned unturned as much you try to unturn. Brain is very smart in playing with all the organs and producing different behaviours or reactions at different situational swings and the most affected one is the Heart by its playful nuances. We say , we love , cry etc I mean all the feelings reflecting  in our daily life are governed by Brain no matter if its from frontal cortex or amygdala which are actually responsible for positive or negative feelings respectively. 

There must be beyond medical science purely philosphical or physcological why Heart is being called as organ which feels contracdictory to its function in real. The sensation of the beat during different feelings like love , hate , anger being mapped by brain creating a neuroimage and responding to fight or flight reaction . How much facinating is the relation between these two organs and their coordination. Execess beating of heart in happy or sad situation results in the arrest of the person’s life is often blamed to heart by stating ” why you felt that feeling so strongly that heart stopped pumping in reaction to it. ” But for a layman its unknown the director and story writer of all the feelings is Brain and poor Heart falls as a prey for all the blames.

The relationship between Brain and Heart might have been confirmed by medicine doctors but philosphist still go on thinking its the Heart which governs the emotions.