Quiet MorningĀ 

Delhi Today is very quiet with cool breeze going on around 5.35 am. While sipping morning tea I am just wondering how much peaceful the moment is one can experience to find a space in 24 hrs day life where you are on with your ownself. No worries how the day will start whether it will scorching heat or its going to rain for day. 

I sitting on my favorite chair which I specially got it from china to enjoy sitting in small balcony of my apartment where I am surrounded by flower pots and big buildings which have stopped so far sunlight to fall upon my balcony area but most mesmerising is chirping of birds and my favorite reading stuff which relaxes me off before the start of noisy traffic sounds.

These types of days are really hard to get in summers when sun is directing heat  at 43 C on people but I should thank weather forecast department who predicted 2 days in delhi going to be pleasant. 

With a very long weekend ending up with labor day everyone is crazy of either booking bahubali conclusion or heading out to Corbett or Hills 200 Km odd away from delhi to give relax to family.

In another 15 min sounds of ringing bells in temples in each society around my apartment will start but still at the very moment I am trying to ease myself out because my brain is free of any business or personal commitments , I am enjoying my freedom and can challenge my brain think whatever I like to know rather preoccupied thoughts.

Often these mornings give me a feeling how much weekends are important to reenergise oneself and once the weekdays start it brain becomes occupied with negative to positive and vice versa thoughts and everyone challenges themselves to live the day. 

Being a night creature since my childhood I use to find utmost peace and silence but now I feel mornings have their own meanings though one finds lazy to get up early rather being awake for late nights as mind is feeded that one can get up late next morning if sleeps very late.

Gradually I am hearing sound of traffic , seeing some people running on the roads to reduce their body weight or control their cholesterol/blood sugar/blood pressure which has given them meaning to enjoy the feeling of being awake early morning before getting into tussle of everyday life.

Specially for husbands when they will stand in queue outside famous sweets corners in hour later to feed morning breakfast to the family with tasty oily feast giving their wives a bit of relax for the day or you can say its a forceful demand from current day girls not to make breakfast of weekends which gives me a laugh on situation of husbands.

So story goes on and still breezing good , not much big traffic sounds that tells most of the people around my area had bahubali night show.

This is giving me a very pleasant feeling that my mind has been charged while writing this short note as I have to get myself involved in some other readings.


A one night stay at city name Appellenz in Switzerland for a business trip , organized by one of my  friend. We left around 3 PM my colleague and friend in her car. While discussing about the business, terrain, lushy green mountains on each turning curve of road and train track. It always give me a feeling if there is a place in world where love and romance can be lived is Switzerland. Whichever city you go and roam around surroundings will give you inexplainable feeling. By the time we reach Appellenz it was already dawn but still bright sunlight falling on mountains surrounding the city made me to just check in the hotel and take out my newly bought camera to free my hands on photography. I and my colleague left for walk around. Though both of us are aquarians but class and attitude apart. He was on his way experiencing the small city known for its CHEESE for which Govt pays shepherds to take cattle high on the mountains to eat pure quality feed. And I was on my own just clicking pics from all angles. The hotel we stayed has another hotel infront of it named Romantik hotel which gave me feeling that it was meant for married couples to enjoy their honeymoon with SRK and Kajol songs in their minds and ears because the first thing you experience while you come to swiss is DDLG movie and everyone tries a pose with his or her beloved on terrain surrounded by green landscapes. 

By the time I and my colleague finished short trip my friend came and we had typical swiss dinner and my reservations to eat meat on thursday left me to enjoy vegan meal with soup and bread but more important were the talks over the table and restaurant was typical old cultural heritage and very soon all tables were full. People were enjoying beer and wine with their leisure talks which were sounding like birds chirping around but on their faces a relax feeling after day long work was pretty clear. 

As the dinner came to its end I and my friend parted away & by that time city was almost getting silent. After dinner before getting inside the room I just stand infront of my hotel and started watching the name Romantik Hotel. City was quiet , shops were almost closed gave me a feeling to compare how relax people are in their life in this city . I was really feeling what is purpose in my life , am i living the life which I always wanted to live which I use to dream pretty like the way people in Appellez . The truth was different though I lived and living life in different typical indian lives running behind money and securing future for financial stability etc etc but in my every visit to swiss I relealised life is to live romantically without living with a mediocre mindset. 

As the night was passing by i was looking from my hotel window that this will be sure one day my dream come true when I will be having a small cottage on top of mountain in my hometown surrounded by lushy green pine trees with garden of flowers and medicinal herbs and whole day I will be engrossed in things which I like to do most or missed while I was younger. 
In the end swiss always has a special place in my mind and heart touching nuances in my memories. 
Visit this beautiful city specially the small toy train to St Gallen in morning is very mesmerising.